Web Application Development Using Go Programming Language

Go programming language is considered to be the fastest growing programming language. This is because of its type-safe nature. In many cases, programmers who have worked with C and Java programmers, are very impressed with Go. The type-safety feature of Go makes it easy for people to understand what the code means. The Go language is also easy to write, and more or less, anyone can read Go code.

In the last decade, programming languages have evolved, and web application development has become one of the main uses for a new programming language. When you try to implement a web application, there are many technical problems that must be resolved. One of the most common is handling a resource on the server which is not available to the browser. This can be handled through a request handler in the web application. Another part of web application development is understanding how to handle timeouts which are commonly used in concurrent programming languages like C#, Java, and C++.

The application servers usually run several processes on the server resource. These processes work together to process requests, and the different parts of the web application which need to work together. It is important that these processes communicate with each other. This is called concurrency. Go programming language eliminates the need for an expensive concurrency in web application development. Go is easy to learn, and will make the world of web application development simpler.

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